Since 1886, our company has been in the metal business. In the beginning the shop was a hardware and tin shop that quickly grew and expanded. In 1946, the tin shop was sold to former employees from the sheet metal department. The business, kept under its original name, began operating as a sheet metal contractors and continues to this day.

The employees at C.S. Guenzel Co. are a tight-knit group that go above and beyond to do quality metal work. When going to most job sites, we are the ones with the most knowledge and experience with metal work and that’s why we get called. This is more than just work for us, we are truly passionate about the work we do, which is why we are often subcontracted to do work in and for other cities.

We like to troubleshoot and solve problems to find the best, most efficient solutions for your projects. We understand that these projects are already expensive and can become more expensive when things aren’t done correctly. At C.S. Guenzel Co., we work efficiently and achieve perfection every time.